Testimonials from customers who have experienced the 203(K) Loan



I am a first time homebuyer now homeowner thanks to Mr.Confer.  I had

a rather unreasonable selling agent and not a lot of time to close on

a 203k rehabilitation loan.  I had already been through two other loan

Officers from two different banks, that were unable to finish the pro-

cess.  The selling agent was less than pleased and kept tacking con-

ditions and addendums to the paperwork.


One of those officers referred me to Mr.Confer.  He invited my real es-

tate agent and myself to his office on a Sunday so that we could close

on time.  He got the appraisal taken care of, had me sign the necessary

papers for the title company and even took a bit of a loss so that I

would have enough money at closing.  I would not have my architectural

baby today were it not for him. Everything had been taken care of in a

 matter of 4 to 6 days. Thank you Skip.



Sincerely, WH






Let me start off by saying Thank you Cliff,

I appreciate all the work you did for me in order for

me to get my home. I know that my case was not the

easiest and probably not the smoothest that you have

ever had to deal with but, you stuck in there with me.


I don't know your faith and if you believe in God but

you were part of my blessing and God will use whomever

he wants to bless his kids. Think about it, my

situation didn't look easy in the beginning but with

your expertise and good heart you were able to push

things through. I thank you and my son thanks you.

Your were placed in this position to help people and

through your talent you too will be blessed.


Have a good day and know that all you are asking for

will happen based on your belief in time.


Thank you


JK, Farmington Hills, MI






Dear Skip;


I was referred to you after me and my husband went through another lending agency who claimed to know how to handle a 203 K loan.  We first approached this mortgage agency December 2007 regarding this particular loan and did not get anywhere with closing.  I was very frustrated and it was apparent that this person did not know what they were doing.  We came to you January 30 2008 and you stated that you would have us close by February 29.  As you know that is the date that we closed.

When me and my husband first met you it was amazing that you were so knowledgeable about the 203 K loan.  You shared information with us that the previous mortgage person did not share.  I wonder if they really knew what they were doing.

 Any reservations that me and my husband had prior to meeting you went right out the window after you took out the time to help us.

I will never forget you because you met us at 6:00 p.m. and did not let us go until 10:00 p.m. that evening because you wanted to complete our application process and get the ball running.

I must say Skip you were a blessing to me and my husband because of your dedication, hard work and commitment to us as well as your job. 

You communicated with us every single day and explained every detail step by step.

You still follow up with us after we close to make sure things were going smoothly.

Skip you are awesome and it has been a pleasure working with you.  You do not find many individuals who care and want to see families succeed.

Many Blessings to you.



KD, Pontiac, MI




We worked with Cliff “Skip” Confer at Flagstar and were approved for an FHA 203k Loan.  I had never heard of such a loan.  It was exactly what we needed to make our home a diamond in the rough.  Within weeks, the house transformed with Construction and care.  We love our “new” home, and when I say new, I mean new.  New well, new furnace, new windows, new doors, new carpet, new floors, new paint (interior and exterior).  We are so happy as a family in our “new” home.  I would strongly recommend an FHA 203k loan to anyone looking to buy a home that they see has a lot of potential (needing minor or major repairs.)

Skip was a wealth of knowledge, anytime I had a question, I picked up the phone and he answered my call quickly.  Right away he explained how the loan worked, the steps that needed to be taken and he followed through.  If you choose an FHA 203k loan, Clifford “Skip” Confer is the one to contact.  My family and I are very pleased that Skip is our 203k loan officer.